The 5 Best Tips for Improving Dry Skin

Dry skin is irritating, and can lead to problems, but there are effective ways to remedy it.

If you’ve ever experienced dry skin firsthand, you know how irritating and stressful it can be. You might have flaky skin, you might feel itchy, and in some cases, your skin will look and feel downright unhealthy. Fortunately, there are some surefire strategies that can keep your skin in healthy, moist condition.

How to Improve Dry Skin

These are some of the best ways to keep your skin moist:

  • 1. Use warm water when bathing, but keep bathing short. Warm water is ideal for keeping your pores clean; excessively hot water or cold water can be harsh for your skin, ultimately drying it out. Also, don’t spend too much time in the bath or shower; a prolonged soak could end up leaving your skin dry.
  • 2. Be mindful of soaps. Not all soaps are good for your skin. Cheap, harsh soaps tend to dry out your skin by removing the natural oils your skin produces. Instead, invest in better-quality soaps with built-in moisturizers, or those based on gels, for a gentler experience.
  • 3. Apply moisturizer—especially after bathing. It’s an obvious tip, but an important one—remember to moisturize your skin. A good moisturizer, with plenty of vitamins and ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, will penetrate your skin and prevent water from escaping. This is especially important to apply after a bath or shower.
  • 4. Buy a humidifier. Dry skin is sometimes a result of being in a dry environment. You can make your environment better with the help of a humidifier.
  • 5. Use better fabrics and keep them clean. Rely on natural fibers like cotton and silk, rather than artificial ones like polyester—and make sure to keep your clothes and bedding clean.

If you’ve tried all these strategies and you’re still having issues, it may be time to see a professional dermatologist. In the meantime, make sure to try our signature Day Moisturizer—featuring Hyaluronic Acid and a blend of vitamins necessary for your skin to stay in perfect condition.