6 Eyelash Care Mistakes Almost Everybody Makes

Healthy eyelashes require ongoing attention, but not everyone is willing to take these steps.

Your eyelashes frame your eyes, and can instantly make an impression on the people you meet—for better or worse. Most of us spend at least some time on our lashes, like applying mascara or using an eyelash curler, but for healthier, fuller eyelashes, you’ll need to step up your game.

The Eyelash Care Mistakes Everyone Makes

These mistakes are frighteningly common, and could be costing you the health or appearance of your eyelashes:

  • 1. They use mascara too frequently. Mascara is a quick way to make your eyelashes look prettier, but there’s a point where it starts to do more harm than good. Wearing mascara all day, every day can leave your eyelashes dry and brittle.
  • 2. They don’t remove makeup before bed. Leaving mascara on too long is even worse. It’s important to remove your makeup before bed, to reduce the risk of infection and ensure your eyelashes can breathe.
  • 3. They remove makeup too harshly. That said, removing makeup can also be problematic. If you use harsh products, or if you aggressively scrub your face, you could forcefully remove eyelashes or damage the skin around your eyes.
  • 4. They use cheap or chemically intense products. Cheap mascara and eyelash products are often full of harsh chemical ingredients, which can dry out your eyelashes or cause skin irritation. Expensive isn’t necessarily better, but price is often correlated with ingredient quality.
  • 5. They never comb or tend to their eyelashes. Combing your lashes periodically can keep them free of dead skin cells, and encourage healthier growth.
  • 6. They never use volumizing agents. Eyelash volumizer may sound like a fancier term for mascara, but it’s a different product with a different purpose. Volumizing serum moisturizes, conditions, and nurtures your eyelashes, keeping them healthier and looking fuller.

If you’re interested in giving your eyelashes the care and attention they deserve, try using our eyelash volumizing serum. Packed with natural ingredients like vitamin E and vegetable-based squalene, it can revolutionize your eyelash care routine.