Customer Testimonials

Loved & Recommended

All day hydration

As someone who works outdoors, this day cream has been a lifesaver. It keeps my skin hydrated, feeling good & looking good - through the day! Very very light cream and even after wearing sunscreen on it, it feels fine.
- Rachel Thomas

Light, non-greasy & well balanced!

Unlike day creams that are very heavy in order to provide the dewey feel, SiaraLux got it right with their formula, its light, non-greasy and well balanced. I have been using it for 2 months now, works well and absolutely no side effects (Note: I have very very sensitive skin)
- Galina P.

Perfect for a day in the sun!

I have dry skin and being out in the sun just makes it worse. This cream has been great to keep hydration levels up. I use it once in the morning and once after lunch for best results. This can be worn over makeup without making your skin feel heavy, is a great plus.
- Alexandria

Great day cream.

This cream is great for summer use. Absolutely soaks into skin - no residue at all. Skin is so soft after use. I hope it is as beneficial for winter use. The delivery was superfast as well.
- Gabriel

Perfect for overnight skincare!

The night cream from SiaraLux is definitely a keeper, if you are looking for skin repair. It has helped not only reduce my under-eye bags and wrinkles, but its intense overnight hydration, that treated my cracked skin too! Highly recommend this product.
- Kimberly Watson

Apply & wake up looking better!

I have been using this for 4 weeks + now. After the 1st week the results really started to show, in terms of making reducing wrinkles and under-eye dark circles. I also feel pairing it with the Day Cream has been giving me better resullts.
- Juanita S.

Works well, no side effects.

I have been using this for 4 weeks + now. After the 1st week the results really started to show, in terms of making reducing wrinkles and under-eye dark circles. I also feel pairing it with the Day Cream has been giving me better resullts.
- Carrie James

The best exfoliator!

Easy to use, smells good and works like magic! The Charcoal Mask is my favorite exfoliator, you can really feel the impurities leaving your face and your pores minimizing. I always use it before I head out for an evening, as it leaves my face looking 2 shades brighter!
- Shanice Williams

Five stars all the way!

I have tried a number of clay masks, believe me over 20 of them and I have stuck to the one from SiaraLux for a number of reasons! It works absolutely well, it is much much much more affordable than the others available in shops or amazon, and it doubles up as my skin brightner too. Highly recommend it.
- Rachel

Love the way it feels on my skin

It really made my skin feel so soft afterwards. Feels good, moisturizing and brightening. So easy to apply and easy to wash off. A little goes a long way and I imagine this product will last me for several masks. No breakouts after using it! My skin looks great adding this to my routine.
- Luis

The #1 Charcoal Mask, Period!

Love this mask! It has a great light scent and comes with an applicator so you are not sticking your fingers in the "mud".. I have super sensitive skin and this just exfoliates and evens skin tone without being harsh. There are so many similar products that have left my face red and irritated, but this one is super gentle. I will definitely be a repeat customer!
- Jenny Combs

Firms, lifts & brightens all in one!

Definitely a multi-action formula that corrected my wrinkles, lines & also helped brighten up my skintone. I will recommend using it daily for 2 weeks and then you will begin to see some really amazing results. I used it with the Day Cream to help keep my skin better hydrated.
- Jessica K.

Quality product, very gentle on the skin.

The formula seems very well balanced and light. I apply it in the morning after cleansing and before wearing makeup. It has helped me get rid of some very stubborn forehead wrinkles. After about 3 weeks of use, I have also noticed a modest improvement in my skin tone.
- Tanya Coleman

I love love love the results!

I was recommended the product by a friend, and decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. It has been a miracle in a bottle, tighten up my sagging cheek skin and filling in deep lines. I also want to mention that the customer service was amazing! I ordered some extra product by mistake and just one call and they got it all sorted! Kudos.
- Tiara Taylor

Works great for sensitive skin too!

I am very picky on the products as I have very sensitive skin, so I tried it as my sister had been raving about it. It definitely worked to help with my crows feet, I am hopeful that with some more use, it will help with my wrinkles too. However the big difference for me was that it worked with my sensitive skin, no redness, rashes or itching.
- Cynthia

Definitely fuller lashes!

The lash serum is pretty amazing, its just been 2 weeks of use and I can see the results already. The applicator is really good quality and allows for precision application.
- Isabella Ramirez

Eyelash growth!

Got this as a gift from my sis. It has helped my lashes grow optimally in about 3 weeks of use. My girls and I can both see the difference. Also I want to mention, the texture of the serum is super smooth!
- Sasha

Easy application and quick results!

Works absolutely as advertised. Easy to apply with the applicator (something that a lot of other brands miss out is the precision brush), works well and I have seen my lashes and even my sparse brows improve!!
- Karen K.

Great product & customer support!

The product is great, but I want to mention about their superb customer service. I had an issue with my delivery and one call and they sent me a new one with priority shipping on the house. Thanks guys! Definitely a repeat customer here.
- Mithcelle

I swear by this cleanser!

I bought this on a whim when I was buying the serum and it turned out to be a keeper! The lather is perfect, and the exfoliation is amazing. I can feel my pores get cleansed after a quick use. I have noticed a marked difference in the way my skin feels at night after use.
- Emma

Great product, great size!

Unlike other cleaners that I use from the "Big Brands" this one works equally well - but only needs a small amount for the same results. Which means that it lasts me almost twice than the other ones I have used in the past. Works pretty well.
- Inez Woodword

It's a must have for my travels!

During my travel, I spend a lot of time on outdoor sites that are pretty dusty! This cleanser is the first thing I use when I get back to my hotel room! Apart from leaving my skin feeling clean, it really recharges my entire face, and gets me ready for a good night out too!!!
- Deja Johnson

A cleanser that actually works!

Unlike so many face cleaning companies, this product does its job! It cleanses the skin, removing all my makeup. You only need a little (goes a long way) and it truly washes away makeup with one use. My skin feels fresh and renewed after washing. I love this collection, especially how its natural, and simple. I don't need a 10 step process, like most companies try to sell you on all these extra add-ons and whatnot.. SiaraLux is a simply step in skin care, that works!
- Lisa Fontaine

Loving the Results!

I haven't been using this product for very long, but I am already seeing amazing results! My skin is brighter and it is absolutely working on treating my fine lines, softening them! I just turned 43 and am looking forward to using this as part of my continued skin care routine and looking forward to lasting results!
- Lisa Fontaine