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SiaraLuxTM Daily Cleanser is a gentle, sulfate-free facial cleanser that includes soothing cucumber extract to help exfoliate & cleanse the skin of impurities, toxins & pollutants. It also helps renew skin’s radiant appearance while refreshing it simultaneously. The Daily Cleanser should be used as a part of your daily routine in the morning before applying topicals for better absorption and at night to remove the impurities after a long day.

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The best exfoliator!
- Shanice Williams on Mar 03, 2022

“Easy to use, smells good and works like magic! The Charcoal Mask is my favorite exfoliator, you can really feel the impurities leaving your face and your pores minimizing. I always use it before I head out for an evening, as it leaves my face looking 2 shades brighter!”

Five stars all the way!
- Rachel on Jan 25, 2022

I have tried a number of clay masks, believe me over 20 of them and I have stuck to the one from SiaraLux for a number of reasons! It works absolutely well, it is much much much more affordable than the others available in shops or amazon, and it doubles up as my skin brightner too. Highly recommend it.”

I swear by this cleanser!
- Emma on Apr 23, 2022

I bought this on a whim when I was buying the serum and it turned out to be a keeper! The lather is perfect, and the exfoliation is amazing. I can feel my pores get cleansed after a quick use. I have noticed a marked difference in the way my skin feels at night after use.”

It's a must have for my travels!
- Deja Johnson on Dec 28, 2017

During my travel, I spend a lot of time on outdoor sites that are pretty dusty! This cleanser is the first thing I use when I get back to my hotel room! Apart from leaving my skin feeling clean, it really recharges my entire face, and gets me ready for a good night out too!!!”

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